Classical and contemporary sociological theory

Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Classical and contemporary sociological theory.I agree that strangers are less likely to be treated equally to constant group members because of their status. Their social status and difference from the rest of the group empowers them to be objective, but it somehow limits their power when it comes to decision-making and collective activities. Objectivity, which is portrayed as a benefit in the post, can turn negative if objective opinion conflict with certain ideas shared in the group. This does not include only race, nationality or ethnicity. Even personal beliefs and values can make people be strangers in seeming the same groups.Overall, everything depends on the group as it can consist of totally different people. Some groups are more closed and conservative. they will treat strangers without obvious enthusiasm. For example, it is very difficult for an American to integrate fully in Chinese group because it is based on culture and, what is more important, language. Oh the other hand, people who immigrate to the USA get more chances to integrate in their local groups because they are more liberal and flexible in terms of acceptance of differences.It is not a secret that money is often the only thing people care about because it gives them an opportunity to experience more pleasure and gain more comfort. It is true that people are selfish and they often care only about themselves especially when it comes to consumption. There are many cultural things that depend on consumption. for instance, fashion, literature, media and even art lose their value and individuality because they are crafted to be liked by people.

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