1. Which early childhood activities and aspects of the classroom environment do you think contribute to students becoming confident, self-regulating, ethical individuals? (refer to the text for support of your ideas, citing information related to Kohlberg’s Theory of Morality)

2. What is your earliest recollection of a friendship? Can you recall why this friendship developed? How long did it last? What was special about this particular friend? What feelings does your recollection of this friendship evoke for you?

3. What routines, responsibilities and/or curriculum can be planned during the P-3rd grade classroom, to nurture and support positive self-esteem and classroom friendships?(refer to the text for support of your ideas, including information about Social Learning Theory)

4. If you were in charge of your own 4th -12th grade classroom environment, how would you promote positive attitudes toward other people in relation to sex, race, culture or disability? How would you set up a non-biased classroom? Provide examples and refer to the text for support.

5. If you haven’t mentioned it, how would you utilize socio-dramatic play to develop positive social development and support social competence?(refer to the text for support)

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