Close encounters straightedge razors

Third Kind manufactures the “Close Encounters” straightedge razors. The process to make this razor involves three steps – Blade forming; Blade sharpening; and Handle assembly.Blade forming takes 45 seconds per blade and there are three parallel forming workstations; Blade sharpening takes 60 seconds per blade and there are two parallel stations. Handle assembly takes 40 seconds and there are 2 parallel assembly stations.There is an average inventory of 1800 blanks before the forming step and 450 blades after sharpening. There is no inventory after forming and completed razors are immediately shipped out of the plant to mail-order customers.Demand for the “Close Encounters” razor is 900 razors per day and the manufacturing facility operates 8 hours per day.The cycle time for Blade forming is _________ seconds. (0.5 points)The flow rate for the entire manufacturing process is _________ per second. (0.5 points)The flow time for the entire manufacturing process excluding any waiting time is ____________ seconds. (0.5 points)The implied utilization for the Blade Sharpening is ___________. (0.5 points)The takt time for the process is ____________ minutes. (0.5 points)The total waiting time for the process is __________ days. (0.5 points)

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