Close reading about poem

Write 3 page essay on the topic Close Reading about Poem..The opening of the poem, “my heart aches, and a drowsy numbness pains” indicate that the mood of song is mellow (Keates Stanza 1 line 1). The author is trying to achieve the nightingale’s pure realm and escape from the troubles and darkness of the world through his drink. The nightingales’ voice sends him into a trance making him cheery and unable to focus on anything else. This is evident when he says, “Singest of summer in full-throated ease” (Keates Stanza 1 Line 10). His view of the world as a dark place is a product of his health problems and the fact that he became an orphan in his early teenage years and forced by circumstances to care for his sick brother. In as much as he is drunk, his tone is sober and enlightened. The nightingales’ songs turn his sorrow to joy and pain to pleasure. He imagines smelling flowers and drinking wine in the green country in the suns warmth and becoming one with the nightingale, “Fade far away, dissolve, and quite forget” (Stanza 3 line 1). This shows his longing of a lively, enjoyable world. He comes to his senses in the sixth stanza when the reality of his mortality hits him hard. He is attracted to the nightingales’ song and realizes that the bird is incapable of experiencing pain and comprehending the pain of death. To him the bird is immortal because many people transverse all generations and history have heard the nightingale sing. When the nightingale flies off, the speaker feels lonely and disappointed. He feels he lacks the freedom of the nightingales and yearns to come to such freedom and usefulness. Perhaps death is his release (Cunningham & Reich & Fichner 127).Finally, in understanding this poem it is noteworthy to mention that the poet composed this poem after the demise of his brother. The poem expresses the reality of the duality of human experiences using imagery and melancholy. The different

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