CO2 emission

CE3702. The USGS data shows that 2,600,000 thousand metric tons of cement is produced worldwide per year. (

a. Calculate the amount of CO2 (in lbs/year) produced during the chemical process of converting limestone to cement worldwide.

Assume that the industry emits 900 kg of CO2 for every 1000 kg of cement produced (5.15 trillion lbs of CO2)b. Typically there is 4,982,000 BTU needed to produce one metric ton of cement. Given that 1 kWh = 3400 BTU and a coal powered plant produces 2.1 lb CO2/kWh, calculate the amount of CO2 produced worldwide from the electricity needed to heat up the reaction. (8trillion lbs of CO2)

c. What is the total CO2 produced from cement a year? (13 trillion lbs ofCO2)

3. Worldwide there is 17.3 trillion kWh of electricity produced. 41% is from coal, 20% is from natural gas and 6% if from petroleum. Using the amount ofCO2 produced per kWh below, calculate the total amount of CO2 produced from electricity per year. (21 trillion lbs)Coal: 2.1 lb CO2/kWh Petroleum: 1.9 lb CO2/kWh Gas: 1.3 lb CO2/kWh

4. Practical decisions:? A typical home uses 11000 kWh per year.? Population of US = 3 x 108? Annual US consumption is 3.3 trillion kWh? On average 2 lb CO2 is produced per kWh

a. My dryer uses 5.76 kWh per hour to dry my clothes. My friend suggested that I line dry my clothes to help Global Climate Change. I fall the people in the US give up 1 hour of the dryer per week, what percentage of the US electricity production would you save? (2.7%)

b. My friend has a SUV that gets 20 mpg. How many miles of driving per week produces the same amount of CO2 as drying 1 load of laundry per week? (12 miles)

c. I have a geothermal heat pump that reduces my electric bill by 30% vsa typical home. How much CO2 do I save per year? How many equivalent miles in a 20 mpg SUV is this per week? (132 miles)

d. A Boeing Aircraft gets 91 passenger miles/gallon. The type of fuel used by commercial airlines (kerosene) produces 21.5 lb CO2 per gallon. This summer 4 of us from my family flew 3600 miles from JFK to Casablanca and then back again (for a total of 7200 miles each).How many lbs of CO2 did we produce? How many equivalent kWh is this? (6800 lbs, 3400 kWh)e. Go to:

i. Determine how many tons of CO2 equivalent you personally produce per year

ii. Which category has the largest contribution?

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