Coaching session

3 reflection questions. The essay is to be 1 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.The video enriched the coaching session between Ms. Wessling and her principal by enabling discussion and comparison of personal opinion and perspectives of what they have observed. Her principal emphasized that one of the advantages of using video in the classroom is for teachers to be self-reflective and to be open-minded to bring out what they have done to talk about it. Using video in practice can also be a way to improve our practice as it offers a certain degree of reality. There might be a difference between what is planned in the abstract of practice and the concrete of reality. thus, video exposes of what is intrinsically natural to teachers.I could record my own practice using three different means: (1) reflective journal, (2) voice recording, (3) video recording, and (4) used of evaluation tool. Just like Ms. Wessling’s rationale, the used of notes or reflective journal will help me to record concretely record my practice and permits expression of personal opinion and observation. The voice recording tool will help me analyze the modulation of my voice and how interesting my voice is to my students if I will be the listener. Sometimes, the manner or quality of teacher’s voice affects engagement of the students in the lesson and this voice quality cannot be best evaluated in a video. Thus, I will also use video recording to have a holistic view of the classroom – management, interaction, and mannerisms in teaching. Lastly, I added the used of evaluation tool in order to systematically and quantitatively support findings from other means of recording

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