Coffee House Chain: Starbucks Corporation

Compose a 4000 words essay on Coffee House Chain: Starbucks Corporation. “Who” are the customers. “What” do the customers consider as value. “What” has been the organization’s results so far in catering to these needs and “What” are the future plan in meeting the consumer needs (Abell 1980). In order to achieve a competitive advantage, the firm should deploy its resource base including competencies, cultures, and attitudes to add value and exploit environmental opportunities while countering threats (Barney, 1995). The report analyses the strategic approach taken by the Seattle based specialty coffee house chain, Stars Buck Coffee in its global business and how successful these strategies have been in supporting and sustaining the company’s competitive edge within a dynamic business environment.&nbsp.Founded in the year 1971 in Seattle as a single coffee house, Starbucks Corporation today is one of the most successful companies and the largest coffeehouse company in the world. With 8,179 self-operated and 10,009 licensed stores located across 45 countries, there are a total of 18,188 Starbucks cafes globally. 10,295 outlets from above are located in USA (Starbucks Fact Sheet 2007). With an annual turnover of US$ 7,786.9million for the fiscal year 2007, Starbucks ranks 338 in the Fortune 500 companies (Fortune 500 List, 2007). Its rapid expansion from a single outlet selling roasted coffee beans in whole and grounded form to an internationally renowned chain of coffee houses serving a wide variety of coffee beverages, snacks, and the overall Starbucks experience warrants an analysis of its business level strategies which have contributed to the success of the company.&nbsp.

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