College students should choose their own courses

Write a 4 page essay on College students should have complete freedom to choose their own courses and create their own curriculums….becomes evident that it is not at all necessary for the person to be intelligent and capable, but it shows that if the person strives then, he can for sure get what he desires. Therefore, the main factor behind this high score is none other than “MOTIVATION”. Motivation can be induced in any way either by offering some sort of monetary reward or it can be as simple as public recognition, or recognition among peers. Of course, a mentally challenged person will not be able to achieve it even with motivation, but an average person with sound mind can easily achieve a good score with a little motivation. Many a time uninterested respondents do not even bother to go beyond a few questions or think. They simply remain unflustered, and unbothered. This type of attitude again claims biasness in the claimed success of the high stakes test as accurate measures.

It has been generally seen that people who belong to low income strata or to areas with lower economic growth score lower on the colleges. Their lower scores do not necessarily imply that they have low intelligence or possess no knowledge. it’s just that the setup of the test, the language used (in most cases) is not the one they are familiar with. The high scores in test can also be achieved if you have had better schooling and early grooming. There are evidence where children who are made to “open” their minds in the early stages of life by being made to play mind games and puzzles have a general tendency to think “out of the box”, they grasp things like puzzles or mind boggling questions easily and can comprehend and answer them far more easily than others who haven’t been exposed to such activities The reason is that their minds have been made to look at the problem and break it and then solve them. Therefore, it is beyond argument that your background, the area or society in which you were brought up may not be all, but are some of the basic reasons that may influence the score you get in your……..

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