Colors reflection

by | Aug 8, 2021 | Assignment

Wrap up question 1: What colors would be reflected by an orange tab if you placed it in red, green, or blue light? Justify your response with the results you had for red and yellow tabs in red, green, and blue light.Wrap up question 2: If you have a yellow light source and every color filter to use, could you produce every other possible color? Explain.

Wrap up question 3: If an object is 20 cm from a lens and the image is formed 10 cm behind the lens, what is the focal length of the lens? Explain why the focal length isn’t 10 cm.Question 110.0 pts Full Marks Correctly explains the effect on both current and voltage and explains why.5.0 pts Incorrect/incomplete answerIs either incorrect about the effect of internal resistance on current or voltage or does not explain why

Question 2:10.0 pts: Full Marks Correctly draws or describes the circuit, with labelled values5.0 pts Incorrect/incomplete answer Is incorrect about an element of the circuit or does not label all values0.0 pts

Question 3.10.0 pts Full Marks Correctly identifies the value of the combined resistance and justifies it with experimental results5.0 pts Incorrect/Incomplete answer Either incorrectly describes the resistance or does not justify with experimental results0.0 pts

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