Commonwealth Scientific of Industrial Organization

Essay on Opinion of experiences at Commonwealth Scientific of Industrial Organization (CSIRO). Paper must be at least 1500 words. The objective of the organization guides it toward performing certain activities. The objectives of the business in most cases are directly related to the organization’s core business activity. After going through the company’s history, I have realized that the main role of CSIRO is carrying out scientific research for Australia’s benefit and facilitating the application of the research results. Other functions include international scientific liaison, research workers training, maintenance of measurements standards, distribution of scientific and technical information and publishing scientific papers. However, the activities and products of the organization may to some extent affect the society. I believe that CIRO as a reputable organization manages its products well and engages in social responsibility. Given that nanotechnology may have a lot of implications in the future, I hope to find out from my experience in the organization what these implications will be.There are various types of businesses including sole proprietorship, partnership, and limited companies. Each of these has its advantages and disadvantages. With almost no doubt CIRO is a company. Yet again, there are various forms of partnerships that may be established at the institutional level. Organizations normally work together to achieve various goals, sometimes sharing resources and in other cases sharing knowledge. Joint ventures are, for example, established so that the companies involve benefit from each other or gain advantage where there are restrictions in case they go alone. I have learnt that CIRO engages with various organizations at different levels in the course of its duties, something that I believe is beneficial to it. I hope to establish with time which organizations CIRO engages with chiefly, and the relationships that exist between them (joint venture, partnership, research partner…). I believe I will appreciate these relationships

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