Communication, conflict, and negotiation

by | Mar 16, 2021 | College (3-4), Communication

COM 312: Tools in Your Toolbox Paper

(30 Points)

This class hopefully has allowed you to put new “tools” in your “toolbox” for how to understand, manage, and/or resolve conflict. Now it is time to look at where you started and where your views are now.

Look back at your Module 1 DB 1 post. Review how you originally viewed and understood conflict. Look at the metaphor you chose to describe conflict.

Now that you have completed our modules, how do you view conflict? What is the same? What is different? What ideas have influenced you and why? Think about why you have the same or different views. Think about terms/ideas that have learned that resonated with your experiences or shown you how to understand or handle conflict. What metaphor would you use to describe conflict? Explain. What ideas have you learned about this semester that have impacted you that you will be taking with you for your “toolbox”?

Bring in a minimum of 5 quality terms (bold) that have impacted your current understanding of conflict.

Use APA style – cover page, headers (for the body), citations, and reference page

Utilize our book, readings, and/or lectures to back up and/or explain your points. Cite this content in correct APA style. Bring in a minimum of 4 ideas/citations. *At least one citation needs to be from our textbook and at least one needs to be from lecture. Do not cite terms themselves. See Purdue’s OWL site for APA examples.

Times New Roman, 12 point, double spaced, a minimum of 800 words/maximum 1200, save as a Word doc. Do NOT go under the word count. The maximum word count is slightly flexible.

Paper Layout:

Cover page (create your own title)

  1. Introduction (brief)
    1. Interesting starting sentence
    1. Thesis
    1. Preview of paper layout
  2. Your original view of conflict (1 paragraph) – Do not copy/paste your Module 1 DB1 post. Rework it.
    1. How did you view conflict, why, & metaphor
  3. Your current view of conflict (multiple paragraphs)
    1. How has you view of conflict changed over the course of the semester? What ideas have most impacted your current view of conflict and why? Bring in your own examples to show why.
    1. What views do you still hold since before the class?
    1. What metaphor would you now use to describe conflict? Explain.
      1. *Utilize a minimum of 5 course terms. Display your mastery of the terms through clear application to your own personal examples.(relationship conflict, work-life conflict, open minded, reframing, forgiveness, self fulfilling prophecices, reconciliation, conflict proneness, corrective and autonomous face management, narratives, social construct theory, verbal abuse, assertive communication, creativity, defensiveness, empathy, vertical thinking, relational goals, process goals) Use 5 of any of these.
    2. *Bring in cited content to explain and back your points. Point back to specific details from your experience tying terms and content to it.
  4. Conclusion (brief)
    1. Summarize your paper
    1. Any insights

Reference page

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