Company adopting changes and technologies

1. Choose two companies or new two nonexistent companies that are related to each other – meaning same industry.2. The two company is different (1) is a traditional company and (2) company that adopting changes and technologies3. Sample financial Plan including capital expenditures and operating expenses – includes e.g. marketing, office setup, materials etc. include: monitoring setup.4. Sample risk / contingency planning5. Sample dividend policy – includes bonds / stock for future plan6. Analyse the two companies and each financial structure “the difference such as cost, operational / project expenses, marketing budget, long/short term securities and so on..7. Once you analyse both, explain the difference between the two and choose 1 company that you preferred to invest and why 8. And if you will become the finance auditor / or finance manager of the company what are the strategies that you are going to imply.

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