Survival in Auschwitz and Bullets and Opium

The goal of this topic is for you to write an insightful comparative analysis of “Survival in Auschwitz” and “Bullets and Opium” as primary sources. This is not a research paper and you are expected to rely solely on the readings. Your analysis should compare these two primary sources, guided by the following questions about each book. These questions are meant to guide your thinking, and they do not have to show up in your essay in an particular order.
1. Who is/are the book’s author(s), when was it written, and what are the main messages the book is trying to get across to the reader?
2. How does/do the author(s) go about conveying her or his points and/or messages, and does their approach “work”, in terms of communicating their points?
3. What are the book’s strengths as a source to learn about the time period and developments it discusses?
4. What are the book’s weaknesses as a primary source to learn about the past?

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