Comparison of Sudoku Solvers

(Preliminary) Title of the Bachelor project:
Comparison of Sudoku Solvers

Context of the Bachelor project:

Sudoku is a popular puzzle-like game. In the context of this project, the student will compare two different types of solvers for a given puzzle, a solver based on recursion and a solver using a backtracking strategy. In addition, the student shall generalize the solver to a 16 x 16 grid Sudoku.

Definition of the work to be done by the intern (possibly also expected results / milestones to reach):
The student implements in C++ a Sudoku solver based on recursion as for example described in . This first solver shall be compared in practice (especially concerning the running time) with a backtracking based solver, also implemented in C++, as for example described in . Finally, both algorithms shall be generalized to Sudoku puzzles based on a 16 x 16 grid, where the entries are taken from the set {1, …, 9, A, …, F, G}. Note that some code to generate Sudoku puzzles will also be required and should be developed as part of the project.

Used technologies / programming languages during the Bachelor project:

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