Compensation planning

1. There are many laws which impact compensation planning. Write a brief narrative in about 250 – 350 words which describes which federal law having the greatest effect on your organization’s compensation plan? In your narrative provide an example that illustrates that effect.2. Some people feel there are too many laws and regulations guiding total compensation, and others say there are not enough. Write your opinion in narrative form in 250-360 words?3. In no more than 350 words discuss the differences between job analysis and job evaluation. How do these practices help establish internally consistent job structures?4. With health care costs averaging a 15% increase per year in narrative form, discuss some of the choices an employer may make to help control health care costs. 5. Discuss your reaction in narrative form to the following statement: “U.S. companies should increase base pay (beyond the level that would be paid in the United States) to motivate employees to accept foreign assignments.”

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