Components of therapist resilience

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Thinking about the three components of therapist resilience. What steps would you take if you found yourself struggling in any of these areas, as a family counselor? In which aspect(s) of therapist resilience do you currently feel you are the strongest and which area do you believe requires more attention? Remember to cite the readings in your posts and include a reference list.

According to Table 1.1 on page 11 of Goldenberg and Goldenberg (2013), Therapist Resilience consists of Trust in Self, Career Development, and Practice of Therapy. This is included in the eighth edition of the textbook. Trust in Self deals with emotional self-awareness, as well as a commitment to personal growth. Career Development refers to the idea that becoming a therapist is indeed a calling, and not something that you gravitate towards, simply because you have been told that you give good advice. Lastly, Practice of Therapy is a consistent enjoyment of watching clients overcome difficulties.

Participation Guidelines

Whenever you participate in a discussion it is essential that you follow these guidelines:

Each answer must be at least two paragraphs. Make sure that your initial posting to any discussion question is your answer to the question.

Your instructor needs to know that you are thinking, analyzing, and concluding. It must be a substantive comment. Your discussion posting should reflect; deep thought; and not be done without deliberation.

Always be respectful of other students; this does not mean you have to agree. Far from it, but you must always address each other with civility. Especially when giving feedback to others. Although agreeing with others is fine, you must state your own opinion clearly and with the proper amount of information.

You must explain your own point of view, even if you are agreeing with another student.

Short comments are acceptable in a discussion but they are not sufficient in themselves to constitute participation.

You are participating when you express and idea or point of view and provide a detailed, well thought out response.

Discussion postings must be timely but cannot reflect a one and done approach. You should be reviewing the discussion section at least twice for each assignment.

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