Computer desing subject

Compose a 2500 words assignment on writing about pic-18 in computer desing subject. The most popular set of microcontrollers are those in the 8051 family. These 8051 family is a preferred choice for professionals specializing in embedded systems because they are cheap, readily available, have a larger user base and also the ability of being reprogrammed with flash memory. Figure 1: The 8051 Microcontroller Invention of the Intel 8051 led to a revolutionary role of microcontrollers in the embedded systems industry. Intensive research in this field led to design of efficient, high performance and low power consumption family of microcontrollers. These included AVR, PIC and ARM. These modern microcontrollers are every day being made smarter to include latest communication protocols like USB, I2C, SPI, Ethernet and CAN. History The name PIC refers to the Peripheral Interface Controller. The first PIC was developed in 1975 by the Microelectronics Division of a company known as General Instruments. It was developed when the Microelectronics Division was testing its 16-bit CPU i.e. CP 1600.

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