Computer Network Principles

Computer Network Principles. The essay is to be 10 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The connectivity involves library, departments, student halls of residence (Campus Area Network. 2007).

The network devices and computing equipments have to be consistent and extendable, if the faculty staff increases. The school consists of 6 departments. Every department has different requirements, in order to employ network resources. The network layout of the school requires an expandable and efficient network which will fulfill the requirements of the school staff. Network security considerations will also be given for the special laboratories servers and lecturers. The connectivity and access level for each group is not same. Internet connectivity is limited. it means everyone is not allowed to access Internet. Scanners and printers are required by some departments in order to print and scan related documents. The network design with centralized administration is called a client / server architecture. This architecture is best suited for centralized administration. The same network architecture is deployed in the school premises.

The initial stride will is to classify the requirements. This will include the network devices and functionality for fulfilling the requirements for the school staff. The justification of the selected computing devices and the network equipments is required. The second stride includes the network design. The design will clearly identify, floor connections, office connections, servers, workstations, printers, scanners and cable types. The third stride is to implement a Wide Area Network (WAN) to connect other locations or Internet connectivity.

The first floor includes Administration, Staff Office and the technical staff. The staff office will access the file server which is the ‘Students notes distribution server’ for uploading notes. Students are facilitated at the same time for downloading the notes. The lecturers will connect……

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