Computer Science assignment

by | Mar 15, 2021 | Computer Science

Submit the assignment in one Word document, size 12 point, font Arial. and single space.
Comply with the number of pages listed.
please include reference page.

Explain the purpose of pseudocode. In doing so, explain how and why it differs from natural language and formal programming languages.

From everyday life, provide and discuss examples of sequential, conditional, and iterative operations. How do the ways we state these operations in everyday life differ from the ways we state them in pseudocode? Why might there be a difference?

Explain why it is necessary for the pattern-matching algorithm to have a “loop inside of a loop.”
Why do we use binary encodings to represent information on the computer? What would be the pros and cons of using base-10 instead of base-2?

Explain the relationship between Boolean logic and computer circuits. Why is Boolean logic so important to computer science?

Explain the purpose of the steps in the sum-of-products circuit design algorithm. Why must each step be done, and why in that order?

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