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In the course of a typical week, what kinds of computer networks do you use? How many different kinds can you now recognize? How aware have you been of differences in these networks, or do they all create a similar virtual environment? Imagine the next new innovation in network technology—what would it look like and what could it do?

How do the different layers of the protocol hierarchy interact with each other? Why do we need to have two different layers that work on error detection and correction?

What are some positives that have occurred with the development of the Internet and the World Wide Web? What are some problems associated with these tools?

Name some ways in which computer network systems use the concept of abstraction to make the task of building a functioning network feasible.

Discuss the direction the Internet is going today. Think about the final quote and talk about whether or not the Internet is moving collectively into the future or if there are too many influences trying to pull at its corners. How does the proliferation of fake news affect the reputation and reliability of the Internet.