Concepts of organizational behavior

Choose one problem that you have encountered in your work life that this related to thecontent of this course. It can encompass any of the areas that we have covered and canbe focused on a person, group or organization.Define the problem. Be as objective and as precise as you can. Be sure to disguise allindividuals and businesses involved. This is important.Summarize your interpretation of the problem at the time you encountered it. Explainwhat you thought were the reasons for the problem at the time you experienced it orbecame aware of it.Reevaluate the problem using concepts of organizational behavior. reanalyze why it occurred.Propose a solution or course of corrective action based on course concepts. Be specificand either propose a solution to the problem using course concepts or an action plan toalleviate it if a solution is not possible in your view.Deliverable:A report using a business format (not an academic term paper approach) that addressesthe components of the project specification. Quality of analysis is more important than islength. Do not add filler for the sake of filler.More complex problems require longer definitions and more detailed analyses so thelength of the report will depend on the nature of the problem that you have chosen.The tone, length and detail of your project should be consistent with what you wouldexpect to deliver to a senior manager in an actual organization; that is, someone who isbusy, harried, and who needs to grasp the essence of an issue quickly. Write clearly andconcisely and get to the point. Do not write something that you think will impress acollege professor.

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