Concert report on a musical performance event

by | Mar 15, 2021 | College (1-2), Essay, Music

Guidelines for Written Reports

Students are required to write two (2) written reports in this course (one Historical; one Concert). The two reports will constitute 20% of the final grade earned for the course (10% per report). The historical report must be on either musical compositions/musical works, composers/musical artists, historical style periods, or musical styles/genres.

The concert report must be on a musical performance event attended by the student during the semester. The topic of the historical report as well as the performance event chosen by the student must be approved by the instructor at least one week in advance of the report due dates. (See Class Assignments/Calendar Schedule for due dates.)

The reports must be written in MLA format, a minimum of two (2) full pages of content in length in addition to a separate Works Cited page, typed, double-spaced, and in 12-point Times New Roman font. Reports should reflect knowledge gained from class lectures, assigned readings from the text, and individual student research.

Final drafts of reports MUST be submitted in the proper Assignments tab in D2L. Refer to the Written Reports Rubric posted in D2L for information about the grading scale for the reports.

For historical reports on specific compositions/musical works (Little Organ Fugue in G minor-J.S. Bach, Private Dancer-Tina Turner, etc.), composers/musical artists (Beethoven, Mozart, Beyoncé, Florida Georgia Line, etc.), historical style periods (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Contemporary, etc.), musical styles/genres (jazz, classical, country, rock, rap, symphony, concerto, opera, sonata, film music, etc.):

Students should include biographical or background information and spend the remaining majority of the paper writing about pieces/selections to which they have listened which are representative of their paper topic.

Students should use musical terms/descriptions as applicable to describe the music to which they have listened. Students should also include their personal views, opinions, and/or reactions to the music to which they have listened.

For concert reports on musical performance events: Students should provide biographical or background information about the performance event and the performer(s), and then spend the remaining majority of the paper writing about the music heard during the performance event. Students should use musical terms/descriptions as applicable to describe the music. Students should also include their views, opinions, and/or reactions to the music to which they heard performed. If available, a copy of the concert program should be attached to the report along with the student’s signature on the program.

Students should check the concert schedules from USC Upstate, Converse College, Spartanburg Methodist College, Wofford College, Limestone College, Furman University, Bob Jones University, North Greenville University, The Chapman Cultural Center, The Peace Center for the Performing Arts, Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium, Bon Secours Wellness Arena (formerly The Bi-Lo Center), local newspapers/online arts events calendars, etc. for concerts and performance dates/times.

A minimum of two sources should be used to gather information for the reports. Acceptable sources include books, articles, audio/visual recordings, internet sources, interviews, concert programs, concert venue, etc., and should be cited in a Works Cited (Bibliography) page. (See the Library Staff for assistance, if needed.)

As a general rule, students should avoid using Wikipedia as a scholarly source. Students are reminded to adhere to the college’s policy concerning Academic Dishonesty and the instructor’s policy concerning the acceptance of late assignments and re-writes.

Check the Class Assignments/Calendar Schedule for due dates for reports. Students should check with the instructor well in advance of due dates if they have any questions concerning the report.

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