Configuring a Database

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Assignment

Assignment #7: Configuring a Database There are two parts to this assignment. The first part is to create a database and some tables which will be appropriate for a home-budgeting application. That portion of the assignment should be completed from the MySQL console command line. The second part of the assignment is to write a PHP script which will display information about the database tables created in the first part and save that information in a file. A complete submission will include both the script – solution07.php – and the text file generated by the script – solution07.txt.* Use the command-line interface to create a new user named “script” for your database. Grant that user all permissions on everything controlled by the DBMS.* Create a database named “homebudget”.* Within that database, create two tables:o The first table should be named “estimates”. Give it three fields:+ VARCHAR of length 10 named “category”+ VARCHAR of length 30 named “description”+ INT named “budget”o The second table should be named “expenses”. Give it three fields:+ VARCHAR of length 10 named “category”+ DATE named “expenseDate”+ INT named “expenditure”* Create a script file named solution07.php. Within that script, connect to your DBMS using the “script” identity.

Select the “homebudget” database, then obtain a listing of the tables.* Use the file-creation techniques we learned in previous classes to save the results of your queries into a file named solution07.txt.* Submit both solution07.php and solution07.txt.

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