Conflict in Teams

by | Oct 30, 2022 | Psychology, Homework Help

Conflict in Teams
Workplace conflict is often perceived to be negative; however, some workplace conflict is actually a necessary part of a thriving organization. For instance, conflict can help to create new ideas and decisions that benefit the organization as a whole. There are times however when conflict becomes detrimental to the organization. There are several reasons why conflict can cause a negative outcome. Tuckman’s model of team development describes some general areas of team conflict based on a particular stage.

Using your course readings describe the stages of Tuckman’s model. Using the South University Library research some of the current views on Tuckman’s model and explain if it is still relevant in today’s workplace. One aspect of group or team development is the phenomenon of groupthink. Explain the impact of groupthink on a team. Research some examples of groupthink that have occurred.

From the information you gathered regarding conflict, team development and phenomenon such as groupthink create a plan that provides solutions to reduce or eliminate potential negative conflicts while still providing an outlet for the work team to produce the desired results.

From your course textbook, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, read the following chapters:

Designing and evaluating training systems
Group behavior, teams, and conflict

Submission Details:
Use APA format in a Word document.

Textbook information:
Aamondt, M. G. (2015). Industrial/Organizational Psychology (8th ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning

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