Conley vs.wilmut

Write an essay on Conley vs.wilmut. It needs to be at least 750 words.Conley stance is harsh and firm: human cloning should not be practiced because it interferes with God’s creation. Conversely, Professor Ian Wilmut is polite and puts himself on the hot seat to defend the practice. He remains objective and asks tough questions such as, if couples have been denied the right to procreate naturally, what is the harm in trying out new technology like human cloning (Wilmut, 2004). The topic on human cloning has brushed shoulders with high political icons and religious leaders.The ethical part has hit many headlines in the media world and raised eyebrows as to its interference with the natural process of human creation. Wilmut has remained extremely aggressive and has an ego driven attitude towards the whole process and the perception on human cloning (Conley, 1994).Human reproduction has occurred naturally since the dawn of time. However, with current advancements in technology and research, the potential for this to change is very high. Conley has done well to address the burning issue and has made great strides in evaluating the challenges that couples face when they are unable to conceive and bear (Conley, 1994)With his deep-rooted Roman Catholic beliefs, Conley remains a close-minded voice as to the effects of human cloning. Wilmut, on the other hand, is set on killing the stigma. Research has been done in hopes of solving some of these issues. Couples have been genetically challenged to have the right to live a life like any other normal human being (Wilmut, 2004).The pervasiveness of this discourse concerning&nbsp.the dignity in&’s world has&nbsp.given& a mask of the subject matter that has been&nbsp.highly&nbsp.contested and&nbsp.made it vague. Wilmut has observed this in his sixth edition. this concept has become ubiquitous. Conley has claimed that cloning of human embryos has violated the sanctity of the human race. He recommends that it should not be

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