Constructivism on Teaching and Learning Science

Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: Constructivism on Teaching and Learning Science. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Constructivism is an approach in epistemology (the philosophical realm that deals with perception and knowledge) and philosophy of science which is based on the idea that the subject who is getting knowledge uses special reflective procedures while constructing the knowledge he perceives. The knowledge can be of multiple kinds: images, concepts, and reasoning. The main thesis of constructivism can be formulated in the following way: if a fact or judgment is considered as true then it can be checked by the norms of universal reasoning and anyone can reflect on the constructed concepts because they are based on an understanding of faultless reasoning.

1 Within the scope of philosophy constructivism is an approach according to which any perceptional activity is a kind of constructing. In fact, this is the epistemological way which is an alternative to any metaphysical ontology or epistemological realism. But there are certain nuances in the philosophical explication of the notion of “construction”. In the strict sense, construction is about building and representation objects of geometry and logic in perception. But broadly construction is defined as special procedures of the human mind that form, structure, and organize certain world perception and self-actualization. The philosophical conceptions that emphasize the actively constructive structure of perception, in general, are called “constructivism” but still the theory has lots of different aspects and nuances discovered by multiple theorists. In epistemology and philosophy of science, constructivism became popular in the 20th century as opposed to empiricist traditions (which claim that everything we learn is the result of experience and sensorial perception). There are many scientific realms that appeal to constructivism among them is logic, mathematic, natural sciences, cultural studies and sociology, where constructivism is really helpful in collecting the results of researches

2. Constructivism as a learning theory has become the approach of a huge consideration so far. Some educational theorists call it the .“Grand Unifying Theory” as far as it covers lots of contradictory educational aspects and helps to unify different educational approaches.

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