Consulting Proposal

Due Date: May 11th.

This will cover your understanding of Important concepts discusses in the text and in class.

3 pages, single-spaced in Arial 11 font.

Properly Cited with a detailed appendix.

What is the paper about: What if your dream company or non-profit hired you as their consultant for their biggest problem? Now build a consulting proposal in not more than 3 pages, single-spaced. How would you go about solving this problem?

Implement all the frameworks we have talked in class and use strategies we have shared through different cases in the class.

Format of the paper.

  1. Company’s current overview
    1. Problems It faces
    2. Statistic.
    3. Which problem are you focusing ono
  2. Current stakeholder Analysis
  3. Current 4P framework
  4. What is your solution?
  5. Walk us through the rational decision-making model.
  6. New stakeholder analysis.
  7. New 4P framework.
  8. How much will this cost the company?
  9. What will be the new metrics of success?
  10. Roadmap of implementation.

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