Consumer-oriented law

Which consumer-oriented law or laws apply in each of the situations described below:a. Matthew Crey is discussing with a bank loan officer the terms on a loan he needs to buy a car for his family. b. Robert and Mary Nash believe they were discriminated against when their loan to purchase a new home was denied.c. Sally Ferrel was denied a loan because of an adverse report from her credit bureau, which she believes is in error.d. Herbert Coleman has just received his credit-card bill and finds several charges were made against his account that are not legitimate.e. Mary Eacher leased an automobile from a dealer for three years, but the lease was abruptly canceled even though Mary was making all required payments on time.f. First National Bank of Arden has just announced its latest CRA rating received from federal bank examiners.g. Earl and Susan Tolber believe they were denied a home improvement loan because their address is in a h. neighborhood where the local bank does not like to make such loans.h. Bill Gell decides to opt out of letting his bank and his insurance company share information about him with other businesses.i. Jean Shal has just been notified by her bank that it is going to reduce the interest rate on her certificate of deposit when it is renewed.j. John Saral is confused about the terms of a credit card and needs additional information from the card company.k. Bob and Rachel Hamm are unable to meet their monthly debt-service payments and are about to lose their home.Solutions a) Consumer Lawb) Equal Credit opportunity Act and Fair housing Actc) Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Actd) Fair Credit Billing Act e) Consumer Leasing Actf) Fair Credit…

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