Contemporary Communications

A thesis and an outline on Contemporary Communications. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. One of them is an image of a very young child that is sucking on a water bottle, while behind the child, a gun that has been unhooked from its holster is visible, tied around the waist of an unknown person who is dressed in white. The second pictorial representation is a very sharp knife that has obviously been used in murder because there are large splotches of blood around it. Both of these images deal with violence and crime. however, the representation of the two images are geared towards conveying different kinds of messages, both of which are significant political issues of the day that have been a source of debate and discussion for many years, especially in the recent decade. At the outset, it may be noted that both the images appear to have an underlying message that highlights the horrors of violence. The first picture is suggestive of the threat posed by guns while the second is of the threat posed by knives which are used in the murder. Hence, both of the pictures appear to be communicating a message against violence, but a closer examination as detailed below suggests that the underlying messages may actually be rather different. As Sturken and Cartwright have said, all media forms tend to “enmesh viewers within different spheres of public action and debate. (at pp 317). The first picture which is discussed in this essay, i.e, the picture of the child with a huge gun in the background deals with one of the more significant issues of the present day, i.e, the high rates of crime using guns and the need to control the use of guns. The second picture is more clear cut because it is obviously intended to present to a viewer’s mind, the dangers of the crime itself, especially in the use of weapons which can become deadly killing agents. Sturken and Cartwright also discuss representation, which refers to the use of images in order to create meaning to the world around us (at pp 255). At the outset, in the first picture, showing such a young&nbsp.innocent child in the foreground while a big, threatening gun looms in the background, appears to support the argument that guns are dangerous.&nbsp.

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