Contemporary human rights history

The research paper is an 8-10 page (double-spaced 12 pt Times New Roman, excluding reference list/bibliography). For your research paper you will choose one historical case or document which has shaped contemporary human rights history (e.g. the Charter of Rights, R. v N.S.).This is an argument-centered paper – you must present an argument about the document or the case you are analyzing (for example its contribution to human rights history, its accuracy or omissions in representation, etc.)Research paper topic is Same -Sex marriage in Canada. Due date: June 13th, 2019? Choose a document/case o Describe the case/document o What is the context (facts)?How does this case/document represent human rights history in Canada? o What rights are represented directly or indirectly by this document? o What rights are being litigated in the case?Representation o Whose story is this document telling? o Whose story is it not telling?Critical Analysis/Recommendations: o Do you agree/disagree with the decision of the adjudicating body? What are its strength/weaknesses? How would you have decided the case? o is there anything you would change about this document in order to better represent the event/person or broader human rights history that this document is addressing?Technical Requirements for All Written Work Papers must include a cover page (title, your name, course number, my name, date submitted), bibliography on a separate page. Please feel free to use a style you are comfortable with but ensure a strict adherence to the citation requirements for the style being used. Papers must be typed, double-spaced, with regular margins, use 12-pt. Times New Roman and have numbered pages. Papers should be written in formal academic English (no contractions (ie it’s, isn’t, can’t, don’t)) with attention paid to correct grammar.Citation Resources ? Chicago 16th author-date sample paper: ? There is a guide to citing legal documents here:

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