Contract made by a minor

by | Jan 7, 2022 | Assignment

At age 17, a young woman named Dannee became emancipated and married her high school sweetheart. Later that year (before turning 18) she was hit broadside by a De Anza student who was texting while driving and ran a red light. The De Anza student’s insurance company offered Dannee $2,500 for her injuries. Dannee accepted, took the money, and signed a contract stating that she would give up her right to sue the De Anza student or try to get any additional money for the accident. After consulting with her husband and father, Dannee decided that she wanted to void the contract and try to get more money. Answer the following questions:

Should Dannee be able to void the contract she made because she is a minor? Does it make any difference that she is an emancipated minor and no longer under the guardianship of her parents? What are the best arguments on both sides of this case? What do you think the rule should be and why?

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