Leisure participation

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ASSIGNMENT #3 DESCRIPTION: Module 3 readings and lectures describes some of the specific contributions of leisure participation to emotional and physical health. Identify at least two positive health outcomes and describe how motivation, participation, and the realization of these benefits may vary across populations based on age, gender, race, ethnicity, and/or socioeconomic status.


Your assignment must be no longer than three pages in length. Any content beyond three pages will not be graded

Your assignment must be double spaced and 12 point font

a.  You must cite and reference at least three academic sources including but not limited to peer-reviewed journal articles and textbook. You may also cite and reference newspaper articles or other popular media over and above your three academic references. Purdue OWL: APA formatting (Links to an external site.) is a good source for proper in-text citations and reference page format.

b.  The following .pdf is a series of screen prints to show you how to digitally access and search for subject specific information.  The .pdf was prepared for your use by John Van Hook, Source Librarian for Library West.  UF Library research steps with screen prints.pdf


c. Further research assistance is available from John Van Hook and LeiLani Freund. Additional contact information for Van Hook and Freund is available at UF Library Staff Directory. Include your name and student number on your assignment only.  No cover page, course number, assignment number, etc., is necessary. Submit your assignment in Canvas. Do not submit by email unless you have difficulty access Canvas Submit your assignment before the deadline as late assignments will not be accepted and will receive a 0 grade

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