Corporate Code of Conduct

by | Oct 10, 2021 | Assignment

A proposed Corporate Code of Conduct is the final project.  The objectives of the Code of Conduct assignment are to identify the ethical risks to which a company is subject and to develop a management strategy and program to manage those risks.  The corporate code of conduct should be proposed by the group and is subject to the approval of the professor. The corporation whose code of conduct will be drafted may be from among some of the cases or may be from a corporation not considered in the cases.  The only stipulation is that the code of conduct be publicly available; so, you may find it easier to select a publicly-traded company in the US or Europe. Obtain the code of conduct of your chosen company. 

Then provide a  fact-based critique made of the company’s conduct as to whether the company lives up to its code of conduct . To do this, survey the new media and specialized reporting in the companies sector.  Your objective is to consider whether the code accurately represent how the company has conducted itself to its stakeholding public.

Recommendations should be developed to ensure that the corporate culture and business practices support the corporation’s code of conduct and to ensure that actual or potential failures are corrected. 


This assignment is open format in that you can choose different means to conduct your analysis.  In the past, some students have chose to present their material in a essay format whereas others have chosen the PowerPoint format or video narration.  You should choose the format that helps you convey your analysis effectively given your own strengths.

Students often ask how long this assignment should be, for example, how many words. This is difficult to answer, but you should treat it as the course culminating project.  It is unlikely that an essay analysis of a full code of conduct with a serious and referenced investigation of your chosen company’s behavior would be just a couple of pages in length. The most important thing is that you feel that you have been fair and thorough in your review and assessment.  Submission Instructions: Please avoid specialized software. 

All submission should be in a standard format legible within the Microsoft Windows operating environment. 

Also, please send me an email at the same time that you submit your assignment so I can verify that it is legible and we can find a solution if there are any issues. 

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