Correcting the spelling errors

Write an article on correcting the spelling errors Paper must be at least 2250 words. The main reason for this change was to improve his English language skills. Since the move, the student has improved his English in terms of speaking and comprehension.I met with and spoke to the student regarding his spelling problem. He found writing in English so difficult because English words are not spelled as they are spoken. This might cause a lot of confusion.In my interaction with the student, he remarked that he thought his spelling problems were a result of a problem with his memory. The student appeared frustrated at his lack of retention ability. (short term, long term). The skill of memory seemed to directly affect learning. This was the main difficulty. (what he told you about memory, what you observed about his memory problems – how this affected his learning)In my initial contact meeting with the class teacher, I was alerted to the fact that the student suffered from dyslexia, which would have a negative impact on his literacy skills (Nicolson & Fawcett, 2008). Being quiet in the classroom could be a result of attention deficiency (Snell & Brown, 2008). Dyslexia causes serious intelligence disabilities for students in, especially, the area of reading. The fact is that if a student cannot read well or comprehensively, it is difficult for such a student to advance in his or her studies. The student under consideration may have been affected by many factors that are linked with dyslexia: these include but not restricted to the inability of the student to produce a cognitive link with what he reads in the classroom (Nicolson & Fawcett, 2008). There are different theories about how dyslexia could affect the learning ability in students—it could make students show&nbsp.acute disinterestedness in reading.

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