Counseling to a specific scenario

In this assignment, you will be applying your knowledge of assessment in counseling to a specific scenario. Use the Resources provided and the Capella University Library to complete the following:Select one of the cases in your specialization area. The scenario you choose should be based on your specialization (MHC, MFCT, or School Counseling).Identify the primary question an assessment needs to address for your identified scenario. What is the primary presenting concern of the client or clients in your scenario?Examine three different assessment tools for the identified case: Identify a symptom checklist that might be useful, and describe its application in this case.Describe personality assessment, and identify a personality assessment instrument and its application in this case.Describe a third assessment that has been identified and completed providing hypothetical results for your chosen case. Examine the following: Provide a clear description of the case’s completed assessment tool, and measure of the identified problem. Use evidence from the literature to support your description.Describe how the case’s completed assessment is scored and interpreted. In your description of the assessment’s scoring and interpretation, be certain to incorporate the measurement constructs (such as reliability and validity) you have learned about throughout this course. Be certain to discuss the ways in which the assessment is validated for use with diverse clients.Review the hypothetical results of the completed assessment for your case. Interpret and present these results in your paper.Evaluate how assessment is linked to the practice of counseling. As the counselor or therapist for your identified scenario, how do the assessment tools you examined in the previous section support your work as a counselor or therapist? Be certain to discuss the applicability of each to initial assessment.Then, go beyond initial assessment to examine the ways you can use assessment throughout the counseling process.Evaluate how the assessments can be used with diverse clients as part of an ethical assessment process. How would you present the assessment results to your client or clients?Describe the process of presenting assessment results with a clear consideration of the client’s unique cultural context. Be certain to identify the relevant sections of the code of ethics for your profession (ACA, AAMFT, or ASCA).Please use the Assignment Template listed in the Resources to compose your final assignment paper.Assignment RequirementsWritten communication: Written communication must be free of errors such that the overall message is clear.APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to current APA style.Number of resources: Minimum of five scholarly resources (distinguished submissions will likely exceed that minimum).Length of paper: Seven to ten double-spaced, typed pages, excluding title and reference pages.Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.Also, Take an online quizAssessment, Tests, and Measures QuizThis multiple-choice quiz will gauge your understanding of the material presented in this course and provide an opportunity for you to demonstrate your mastery of the course competencies:Analyze the historical and theoretical basis for assessment methods, strategies, and techniques in counseling.Compare assessments using basic measurement constructs.Apply ethical and legal issues related to individual assessments according to the appropriate professional counseling organization standards.Discriminate between different categories of assessment instruments and their practical application.Apply assessment concepts for special populations as well as ethnic and culturally diverse populations.Read the following instructions before taking the quiz:You must take and submit the quiz in this unit.There is no time limit on the quiz.You may make only one attempt at completing the quiz. An attempt is started when you save an answer to any question. You cannot retake the quiz to change your grade. Once the grade is recorded, it cannot be changed.You may access the quiz by clicking on the quiz title to view the questions.There are 10 questions in this quiz. Each question is worth ten points.When you have answered all questions, submit your quiz to receive credit. The quiz is scored automatically, and you will receive feedback immediately.Click the linked quiz title to access the quiz. If you have any issues with the quiz, contact your instructor.Tip: Do not start an attempt, that is, save any answers, for the quiz until you are ready to complete it.

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