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by | Jan 16, 2021 | Business Studies, College (3-4), Project

THIS SECTION IS THE COMPANY BACKGROUND OF YOUR TEAM’S HYPOTHETICAL CONSULTING COMPANY. This section helps to describe the background of consulting team. NOTE: This is where your consulting team will need to PROVE your credibility.

In this section, you will need to provide some “EVIDENCE” in the form(s) of statistics, testimony, comparison and/or analogies, recent news in the media, success of working with other companies/ departments/organizations, etc. You will need to “find” or “make up” this evidence by actually researching in the library, internet, or other communication consulting companies in existence. organizations. NOTE: Although it is preferred you find some evidence that is authentic, it is fine to “hypothetically” create evidence such as testimonials, survey data of previous clients, social media metrics, etc. THIS SECTION WILL NEED TO INCLUDE A MINIMUM OF ONE (1) CITATION. This citation must be formatted in APA style. See attached link for guidelines within text and on the separate REFERENCES section: www.bitiv/apaowl

Further, this section will need to include some type of chart, graph, illustration, and/or figure that is referenced in the narrative (like you see in textbooks). NOTE: THIS IMAGE/GRAPH COULD EVEN BE AN ORGANIZATIONAL CHART, TEXT BOX WITH MISSION AND/OR VISION, ETC. THIS SECTION WILL NEED TO INCLUDE A MINIMUM OF ONE (1) CHART, GRAPH, FIGURE, ETC.

Introduction Paragraph—DOES NOT NEED A SUB-HEADING This first paragraph introduces the entire section and prepares the reader for what they will be reading about (i.e. sub-sections). You need to be sure to include your team’s consulting company name, the department’s or organization’s name, and the university’s name. NOTE: You MUST spell out these names in the beginning of your section; however, you can abbreviate later in the section by putting initials (or abbreviation) in parentheses after the name is spelled out. Example: University of West Georgia (UWG) or University Recreation Center (URec).

Company History and values. (Separate Sub-Section with Multiple Paragraphs) • When did YOUR consulting team originate (MAKE UP THIS INFO)? Why? What teamwork or leadership principles do the consulting team value? (Look for ideas in Chapter 1, 3, 10) • Indicate the consulting team’s experience and competence in this professional field or working with professional organizations or other companies in recommending effective communication strategies? • Explain the importance of your consulting team’s ethics and integrity (establish trustworthiness). (Look for ideas in Chapter 1, 3, 10)
Communication Strategies (Separate Sub-Section with Multiple Paragraphs) • Indicate how your consulting team “communicates” with their employees, clients, vendors, etc. (tone, motivation, frequency, etc.). Procedures for decision making, team work, etc. • Describe the overall importance of “listening” and “nonverbal communication” your consulting team values.

& B (OPTIONAL): In this section, you should “blend” any A & B into one of the sub-sections or create a new sub-section describing these various aspects of your consulting company: • Mission Statement • Vision Statement • Company Goals & Objectives • Company’s Keys to Success
Conclusion (Last Paragraph) End the section by indicating “In closing,” “In summary,” “In conclusion,” etc. along with a few sentences highlighting the section and the fact that this is a good investment based on the facts presented.
“IMPORTANT” To assist you in this section, you may want to look up various consulting companies on the internet or think about a company you know (and/or respect) to find out what makes them successful and consider some of their practices and develop them into this proposal.

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