Creation of the World

“Creation of the World according to Greek Mythology” Includes Gaea, Uranus, Cronus, the ftggral the Cyclops, the Titans, and the Olympian gods, such as Zeus and his siblings and their offspring. Also read Hesiod’s “Creation of the 5 sets of human beings by Zeus”, including the mythological flood story. Also read the biblical creation story (the Genesis), including Noah’s Flood.

  1. Why is Zeus presented as being better than Uranus and Cronus? Retell the Lycaon myth. Based on the Lycaon myth, what is the attitude of Zeus toward human sacrifice? Provide details.
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  2. The Mycenaean Greeks showed political sophistication by combining their patriarchal religion with the older matriarchal religion that they found in Greece. Explain. What examples show that they continued to respect female gods?
  3. Compare and contrast the Great Flood of the Greek Mythology and that of the Bible. Why should Zeus or God punish all human beings with a flood? Can you suggest any alternatives? If so, why?
  4. Compare the Age of Iron to the age of our own. How does this age in Greek Mythology apply to our own time? Provide details.

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