Crime scene project

Write an essay on CRIME SCENE PROJECT. It needs to be at least 3000 words.Based on the information provided, the body had only been there a few minutes before the customer found it. The bar patron could have shot the victim, gotten out and pretended to get inside the restroom. The bar had no surveillance cameras which makes it difficult to monitor who came in and out the restrooms. In Jacqueline Girdner’s Murder, My Deer (2000), the character Felix who found the body of the victim was considered the primary suspect by the investigating officers. Without information regarding evidences that aid in determining the suspect (Levinson, D., 2002), the person who first finds the body is considered a primary suspect. No matter how the first officer arriving at the scene found out about the crime,“he or she must make every effort to detain the person who initially reported the crime and not allow the individual access to the crime scene… After all, a perpetrator may believe that reporting the crime makes him or her less likely to be a suspect … (Lyle, D., 2010).”The offender may also be the one of the people who last spoke to the victim at the bar. This group is composed of the bartender and the people sitting next to the victim at the bar he “had several short conversations with (Crime Scene #3, 2002).” Based on the given information, the bartender recalled that “no one approached the victim (Crime Scene #3, 2002)” when he had attended to the victim’s drinks. Since the victim knew him, this can explain why there are no signs of a struggle in the crime scene. The same can be said for the people who sat next to him at the bar and spoke to him. The bar was full & the men’s restroom is not next to the women’s restroom. There are no surveillance cameras. It would not be noticeable whether the offender who entered the male restroom to kill the victim was male or female.It was also provided that some people were not pleased with the victim in the course of time he visited the

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