Crimes against people based on ignorance

Essay on Hate Crimes: Crimes against People based on Ignorance. Paper must be at least 1500 words. Hate Crimes: Crimes against People based on IgnoranceHate crimes can come from many different types of prejudice including gender, the color of skin, sexual orientation, and political differences. One of the greatest influences over the development of hate for people with differences from one’s self is through family built hatreds that sometimes go back for many generations. Although hate crimes have declined in the last few decades, there are still an alarming number in the United States. Decreasing the number of hate crimes happens over generations of decreasing the amount of prejudice in families, but other ways of stopping them can help to provide a quicker end to the problems. One of the ways in which the American government has approached hate crimes is through making the criminal offense carry a deeper sentence when it is associated or caused by hatred that is based on social ideas about classifying others. Teaching students about the differences of other cultures also helps to deter them from having prejudicial ideas that might lead to violence later in life. Abolishing ignorance about other cultures is a powerful way in which to approach the issue of hate crimes. An examination of hate crimes can help to understand why they are still occurring and to develop strategies through which a lower number of them will occur within the United States.For those who refuse to learn what it means to appreciate other cultures and continue to act out of fear, they will find themselves in a jail with long terms of incarceration. The government has specifically stated through the enactment of law that hate filled crimes will not be tolerated.

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