Critcal analysis of messages

Submit a term paper on Class is: Critcal Analysis of Messages. Paper topic is: Write a critical analysis of the Opening Statement to the House Judiciary Committee Proceedings on the Impeachment of Richard Nixon. Your paper should be a minimum of 1750 words in length. From the opening statement it can be observed that Barbara Jordan joined as a junior member of the House of Judiciary committee, where she was able to avail the opportunity to share her perceptions regarding the investigation executed in relation to the Watergate scandal involving President Nixon for his alleged offenses (Nolo, “Barbara Jordans “Statement on the Articles of Impeachment”).The purpose of this paper is to analyze the opening statement of Barbara Jordan to the House Judiciary Committee which was based on the proceedings which were being executed on the impeachment of the then president, Mr. Richard Nixon. The theory based on which the study will be conducted deliberates that the opening statement had been an illustration of the rhetoric situation. With this belief, the opening statement will be analyzed with the help of ‘Bitzer’s rhetorical situation’ and ‘Neo-Aristotelian criticism’.The essay to the conducted henceforth intends to present a critical overview of a literature, i.e. the opening statement of Barbara Jordan presented to the House Judiciary committee in response to the impeachment related proceedings executed against the then President Mr. Richard Nixon. With this concern, the essay would attempt to utilize the assumptions presented by Bitzer in relation to the concept of rhetoric situation. Another theory that would be taken into account is the Neo-Aristotelian Criticism which shall assist in scientifically analyzing the opening statement.Based on two of the most prominent theories, i.e. Bitzer’s rhetorical situation and the Neo-Aristotelian Criticism, the essay shall provide a comprehensive account of the literature selected as the opening statement of Barbara Jordan.

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