Critical Analysis Paper

by | Jun 7, 2021 | Business Studies, Course Work

The Critical Analysis Paper (CAP) is worth 25% of the overall grade. Make sure you answer all questions, so you gain the most benefit possible. Pay attention to the rules of writing, grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.

Be sure to put the following information on the first page of your work:


BUSI 2301:


Spring Mini 2021:

Be sure to name your Word file in the following format:

last name-first name

Assignment_BUSI2301_Spring 2021

Example: lam-thi_Assignment_BUSI2301_Spring 2021

PART 1: 60 Points

You are an executive with a major pharmaceutical company. Your company is ready to release a cure-all for the common cold. However, the drug has some terrible side effects for a very few of its users, including potential permanent paralysis and/or death. How should you advise your company about deciding whether to sell the product or not? How does the standard, or approach, of ethics that is applied affect this answer? In other words, you answer needs to include:

1. An introduction that includes your final decision and explanation of that decision (10 points).

2. A definition of business ethics and a complete discussion of the topic (10 points).

3. A complete discussion of how you and other business leaders, regardless of the company or industry, can encourage your companies to act ethically. Include at least two actions leaders can take and explain each one. This does not apply just to our scenario. This is asking you to consider what any leader for any company can do (10 points).

4. A definition of ethical reasoning and a complete discussion of what your answer and advice to the company would be if you applied each of the two main categories in the study of ethics. This needs to include a discussion of each of the two categories and all the subparts for each of the approaches. Your decision may not be the same, as each of the two approaches is applied to the scenario.(15 points total)Page 2of 33 points for the definition of ethical reasoning 6 points for each main approach

5. A complete discussion on how you evaluated your decision using each of the four steps of the IDDR systematic approach of Inquiry, Discussion, Decision, and Review (“I Desire to Do Right”). You need to include the list of the four steps and explain how you used each one in coming to your ultimate decision to sell or not to sell (15 points).

PART 2: 40 Points

Answer the following questions using the most updated version of the San Jacinto Community College District Student Handbook available on the SJC website. Include the Section number of the Student Code of Conduct where you found your information. Here is the link to the online version. If the link is broken, you can search for it on the website.

1. What is included in the definition of Dishonesty? Give me the section number and the text of that section. What would you add to this list and why? (10 points)

2. Using somebody else’s work as your own is a violation of which section of the code? Give me the section number and the text of that section. What is your opinion of this section? Is it ethical? Why or why not? (10 points)

3. Is it OK to use the college computers to access pornographic sites? If yes, where do you see that it is OK? If not, where do you see the prohibition? Again, give me the section number and the text of that section. What is your opinion of this section? Is it ethical? Why or why not? (10 points)

4. Go online to and click on Key Information under About San Jac/Our Mission, Vision, and Values. (10 points)

•What are the seven values of the College? Include the subtitles as they appear on the SJC website. Explain each one in your own words.

•Which ones are your values, also?

•Give a concrete example of at least three of the values in action. A concrete example is something you have experienced or observed. It is an example of the value in action.

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