Critical Response #2

Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Critical Response #2.Different natural disasters are combined and intensified in one movie, which evokes feelings of awe and terror. Seeing hailstorms, tornados, and tsunamis in one sitting is enough to make my blood curl. As if these startling visual images are not enough, half of the world freezes. While millions of people die during these different disasters,I cannot help but feel conscious of my contribution to it. As a cosmopolitan resident in a western country, I have a much larger footprint than people in developing countries with less access to resources and do not depend so much on automobiles and electricity to perform basic tasks. Though this movie is a fictional attempt to change people’s materialistic lifestyles, I somehow feel crazily better at the ending, when the astronauts see the world half frozen and the atmosphere is clearer. It gives hope that people can reverse the damage they have done to their environment, if only they do something

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