Critical thinking, quantitative analysis, communication

Questions (critical thinking, quantitative analysis, communication)1. When we say that something gives us "energy," what does that mean? What is abiological definition of energy?2. Which ingredients in the drinks provide energy? How do they do that?3. Which ingredients contribute to body repair, i.e., which help build or rebuild muscletissue?4.Construct a bar graph illustrating the calorie content of the five drinks.5. Construct a bar graph illustrating the sodium content of the five drinks.6. In what ways might the one(s) that does (do) not have a metabolic energy sourceprovide the perception of increased energy after consumption?7. Does your analysis substantiate the claim that any of these are an "energy drink"? If so,which ones and why?8. Could your drinks serve different purposes for different consumers? Explain.9. What is the normal physiological response to increased intake of sugars? Could too muchsugar cause harm?If so, how?10. What is the normal physiological response to increased intake of caffeine? Could too muchcaffeine cause harm?If so, how?11. What is the normal physiological response to increased intake of sodium? Could too muchsodium cause harm? If so, how?12. Evaluate, in terms of basic physiology and biochemistry, the statement: A lack ofsleep causes a lack of energy.13. Are the product claims of the four beverages legitimate? Why?14. Comparing the four drinks to Coke@, what percent difference in calories exist? Usethe following formula: (Calories of beverage-Calories of Coke@ ) X 100Calories of Coke@15. Should you simply buy a can of Coke@ rather than one of these energy drinks?Why/why not?

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