Critical thinking skills

GRADUATE STUDENTS For this assignment, you will learn how to apply what you have learned in your readings (both texts) to analyze a video or book dealing with a topic related to race, crime, and the law.As a graduate student in this course, it is expected that you have already developed some of your writing and critical thinking skills needed for this assignment as an undergraduate student.

Happy learning while you are watching this video or reading your book!The PURPOSE of this assignment is designed to help you:

ANALYZE a video or book (assigned by your professor) related to race, crime, and the law;

THINK CRITICALLY about how the video or book is related to the assigned readings;

DISCOVER common themes within the readings that are highlighted in the video or book;

LEARN how race, crime, and the law are portrayed in the media;

EVALUATE and ARTICULATE an informed opinion about how your video/book, the criminal justice, and legal system deals with some of the topics covered this semester in this course!

IMPORTANT NOTES See the information on your syllabus and the pages of your modules about “Academic Integrity.” Except for your assigned readings, do NOT use any outside sources for this assignment. Answer ALL of the questions below. You must cite from both the video or book [BE SURE TO INDICATE YOUR VIDEO/BOOK] and the readings, and the relevant lectures.Click here for the RUBRIC for this assignment.


Purdue O.W.L. (Links to an external site.) Avoiding Plagiarism & Citing Your Sources

DSU Citation Help YT videos (Links to an external site.)

DSU Writing Center (Links to an external site.)Video option: American Son (Links to an external site.) (2019)WHERE TO FIND THE VIDEO: You can find this video choice (see above) online via Netflix. Note: it is your responsibility to purchase access so you can watch this video on this streaming service and submit your review by the deadline.

Book option: All American Boys (2001)  (Links to an external site.)WHERE TO FIND THE BOOK:You can find your book online on Amazon. It is your responsibility to purchase access so you can read your book below and submit your review by the deadline. You may purchase the digital copy, used, or new format of the book. V

IDEO/BOOK RESPONSE INSTRUCTIONS: Analyze the video or book that you have been assigned to for this assignment.  See the resources below and the previous pages regarding questions related to citation and the overall purpose of this assignment.

Please make sure you address ALL of the points below in your review:

Briefly summarize the video or book (this section should be approx. 350-500 words) in detail. There must be a clear sense that you actually watched this video or book!What was your initial reaction after watching this video or reading the book?

What do you think motivated the author(s) to write this book or the playwright to produce this video?

What was the crime? How did it occur? Explain its significance and how it is related to policing.

Who was/were the victim(s) and the perpetrator(s)? What was/were their race? How significant their race to their roles and in the story line?When and where did the crime take place? Why were these details important?

How did the police/law enforcement respond? Explain the significance of their actions.

Were there witnesses? What role did they play in the storyline?

What is/are the controversy(ies) dealing with race, crime, and the law issues highlighted in your film or book? Please be as specific as possible!Is there a precedent dealing with this issue? Has the law/legal system caught up or adequately address the issues noted in the film?  If it has not, what would you suggest be done to resolve the legal conundrum?

Explain in detail how this film is related to the readings related to the topics in your readings  (cite your sources, i.e., Gabbidon & Greene, p. 183 or Gabbidon & Greene, p. 55 discuss).

Did you feel that the punishment fit the crime(s)? Was the law upheld? Was justice served? Why or why not?

Who were the other characters portrayed in the book or film? What were their roles? Explain their significance.

Explain in detail how this book or film is related to what you have been learning about policing. You must be as specific as possible to demonstrate that you have read the book or watched this film. Also, you must cite the relevant lectures, readings, and headlines.

For example: i.e., on Table 4.3 in  Gabbidon & Greene, p. 143 analyze [list the topic]… orDr. Stewart discussed [provide the topic] in her lecture on [list the lecture title], orthe film [add the title] provided insight on ….ora recent headline [add a la ink to the article] published by [include the source] describes…What did you learn about race and crime and policing after reading your book or watching your film? Please be as thorough as possible!What question(s) or issue(s) do you wish the writer(s) or playwright would have discussed that was not addressed?

Who do you think might find this book or film interesting? In other words, who would be the target audience?

Who should also read this book or watch this film ?

What were the strengths and weaknesses of this book or film ? Discuss at least one (1) for each.

In your opinion, describe the most crucial scene and mono/dialogue in your book or film? Explain its significance to you. Be sure to cite this information (include quotes from the conversation).

Imagine that you are a film or book critic for the local college newspaper. What rating would you give this book or film (out of 5 stars)? Would you recommend this book or film to another college student, family, or friend? Why or why not? Explain. 


Place your name and date in the upper top right corner. Be sure to insert page numbers.Your paper must (be):single-spaced with a 12 pt. font (i.e., Times New Roman) and 1” margins;three-five (3 -5) pages; papers less than 3 pages will be penalized.proofread—please do not turn in your first draft!written without spaces between the paragraphs;page numbers (or reference to the episode) when citing/quoting from any sources to answer the questions below (see the course homepage for links about how to cite your sources properly).

Do your own work! Please see the syllabus regarding Academic Integrity.

Save your document as a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx) as follows:YOUR LAST NAME CRJ 592 BOOK/FILM REVIEWSee the Late Policy on the syllabus regarding late submissions.

Your paper assignment will be evaluated using the following criteria:

Common rubric elements such as (the):organization of your review amount and quality of information mechanics paragraph construction and sources cited in your review (from both the film and your texts)

Overall-did you follow the directions for this assignment?

Comprehension-did you understand the relationship between the film/book and the readings?

Completion-did you address all of the points above?

Contemplation-was there evidence of critical evaluation?

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