Critiquing and Researching a Position

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M07 Essay #2 Instructions: Critiquing and Researching a Position
You will upload/submit the ROUGH DRAFT (2-3 double-spaced pages, not including “Works Cited”) on the next page.

You will submit the FINAL DRAFT (6 or more double-spaced pages) at the end of Module 8. Read the instructions below: before submitting your final draft at the end of Module 8, your rough draft must be reviewed by two other students in the class.

The purpose of this essay is to disagree with a writer on a contemporary issue, and then to convince your reader of a contrary position. You will research your subject using academic sources so that you may knowledgeably refute the premise of his or her essay. As you are writing, think of your audience as extending beyond just me, the teacher, to include your classmates, a newspaper readership, and the author him- or herself. Persuade us carefully, using critical thinking to convey the logic behind your argument.

In grading this essay, I will look in particular for an “irresistible” introduction using one of the first two methods from the Introductions Powerpoint: carefully describing a scene or object (CDSO) or hypothetical situation.

Rough Draft Requirements:

At least 2 full pages, formatted in Word as a .doc or .docx

Reference to at least two sources from the Coastline Library using correct MLA format—essays submitted without any academic sources will not receive credit ***YOU WILL NOT USE ANY

GENERAL INTERNET SOURCES FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT*** (By the time you submit your final draft, you will have four academic sources.)

Typed in 12-point standard font and double-spaced with one-inch margins–see MLA Essay Format (8th Edition) (Links to an external site.)

An irresistible introduction–see Irresistible Introductions PowerpointPreview thAe document

A strong, arguable, carefully-worded thesis that disagrees with the argument of a published writer, making reference to the writer him- or herself before moving on to state your position. Example:

“Although Herbert Rivera firmly believes in ‘charter schools as a route to specialization’ [his thesis], it is clear that charter schools are discriminatory [your thesis].”

Persuasive support using your academic sources

Edited and proofread (typos/ carelessness will reduce your grade)

Include a link to the original database article when you submit the rough draft

Give your essay a title

Write about something that interests you!

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