CrossFit at the Crossroads

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CrossFit at the Crossroads


· There are two parts in this assignment. The first part is the PowerPoint Presentation (2-3 Slides). The second part of this assignment is the word document (2.5 Pages). YOU ONLY HAVE TO DO SWOT ANALYSIS ON THIS ASSIGNMENT, DONNOT DO A COMPLETE PRESENTATION ABOUT THE TOPIC “CrossFit at the Crossroads”.

· Keep in mind that that this assignment is not only one part, there are two parts to do in this assignment.

· The PowerPoint presentation is (2-3 Slides) about the SWOT Analysis of the topic “CrossFit at the Crossroads” which can be found with the instructions file as a PDF file.

· The Word document is (2.5 pages) about the SWOT Analysis of the topic “CrossFit at the Crossroads”

Group Case Activities and Rubric

Analyze the case in parts, as shown in the following areas:

· Strategic Profile and Case Analysis Purpose: Identify the key facts of the case and show how they lead to a particular focus for your case analysis. List the key elements of the situation: people, places, activities, and contexts, and discuss the level of uncertainty associated with the information about the case.

· Situation Analysis – External: Review all seven of the general environmental categories (technological, demographic, economic, political/legal, sociocultural, global, and physical environment trends), looking for opportunities and threats that could impact the organization. Use Porter’s Five Forces model to analyze the company’s industry. Identify key competitors and analyze their strategies, core competencies, and competitive response.

· Situation Analysis – Internal: Review factors within the company that are critical to the strategy of the firm and classify them as strengths or weaknesses. Use a value chain analysis to determine which parts of the company’s operations add value, and which do not.

· SWOT Analysis: Compare strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for the company, and show how they are related. What actions should the company take to maximize the strengths and opportunities, while minimizing the weaknesses and the threats?

· Strategy Formulation: Identify at least three or four business-level or corporate strategies that will help the company to develop a competitive advantage in the future. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of each strategy, select the strategy that you feel is most likely to benefit the company, and explain the reason for your decision using facts from the case, outside research, and theoretical information.

· Strategic Alternative Implementation: Provide a complete and detailed analysis of the steps that must be taken to put the strategy into practice, including structural, leadership, control, incentive, and other changes. Alternatives and recommendations should flow from SWOT analysis and be explained in light of it.

· Process Issues: Make the presentation logically consistent. Be sure that all areas mentioned above are covered, and that different pieces of the presentation do not contain overlapping information. Review the presentation to be sure that it has a comprehensive analysis and clear links between environmental/internal factors and recommendations.

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