Folk Remedies

by | Jan 24, 2021 | College (1-2), Essay

In two or three double spaced pages, you should identify at least two folk remedies and one legend that is common in one of the folk groups you fall into. In your write up, you want to discuss the folk remedy, how it works, when it should be used, if you have used it, and in which of your folk groups is this remedy popular. Don’t use the same folk groups for all of your examples. In other words, maybe you can discuss one remedy from one folk group, and another from another folk group. Then the legend might be from the same folk group as the first remedy. This will get you to think about how we have different beliefs that come from different folk groups.

>Occupation folk group (Nurse) vocabulary medical jargon.
>Age folk group (age 40s) use words that were common in the 90s
>Hispanic folk group,(ethnic group) legends, El Mal de Ojo. Susto
>Remedy for Ojo, sweep a person down with an egg while saying a prayer.
>Remedy for susto, brush a person down with herbs while saying a prayer.

For example, when I was in Junior High, there were certain legends that we all believed in, but later those legends weren’t as popular. Therefore, I could discuss a legend from the Junior High folk groups that I used to belong to. Then I could discuss a folk remedy that is common in my Hispanic (Mexican) Folk Group. Then the second remedy could come from either Hispanic, age, or any of the other folk groups. It wouldn’t matter because I already covered two different groups.

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