Cultural competency in Speech pathology

by | Mar 30, 2021 | Literature Review, Masters

This literature review paper is an opportunity for you to describe and apply cultural sensitivity, ethical considerations, professional issues, and the speech-language pathologist scope of practice in relation to identifying, assessing, treating, and counseling culturally and linguistically diverse patients/families.

This is a standard literature review paper but I am keeping the article count low to keep your workload down. I am looking for a thesis statement at the end of your intro informed by research, a strong research based body, and a synthesized conclusion.

To do this, complete a literature review driven from a thesis statement of how the information informs cultural competency by doing the following:
• Synthesize 3 articles on a multicultural or multilinguistic topic of your choice.
• Develop a thesis statement at the end of your intro informed by research, a strong research-based body, and a synthesized conclusion.
• Include: 1 title page; 5 pages content; 1 page of references.

Before submitting your paper, review the rubric and include the required elements in your paper (***I have attached the rubric she gave us under the additional materials)

***A lot of students were emailing my professor for more information on this assignment. She emailed us with the following info:

-Goal: Literature Review
-Topic: Come up with a general idea of what you would like to research. No need for a thesis yet because you have not read the research yet.
-Articles: Select articles that address your topic. What looks interesting to you. Are you seeing a potential pattern or a way to tie ideas together?
-Do: Read the articles and determine what they are telling you about your topic. You can sketch out or highlight key ideas that may be used in your thesis statement and supporting paragraphs.
-Now Write Your Thesis Statement: X intervention supports Y population; X assessment yields Y outcomes for Z population; X strategy negatively/positively impacts Y outcome for Z population. Your thesis is strong. It is clear.
-The intro and conclusion have synthesized explanations of the thesis. This means, most or all of your researchers are saying x, y, x. The body of the paper can be written by points or themes yielded from the research or can be written article by article. A great paper will include data supporting the evidence from the research.

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