Cultural context

by | Jan 4, 2023 | Literature

GET ANSWER – For this assignment, you will create a quick contextual analysis to teach your classmates about some aspect of the cultural context surrounding the novel you selected. You may not be completely finished reading the novel, but you can still perform this quick contextual analysis:

Select one of the novels in the Course Library!

Read the novel carefully.

Identify a theme that you think is important to understanding the novel in its cultural context.

Write an analysis question to answer. It can relate to history, class, gender, psychology, or some other contextual aspect you have discovered about the novel.

Choose one scene that exemplifies the theme to contextualize in your analysis.

Do some research and find a secondary source article or other lens text that contextualizes this theme within the novel.

In a 350+ word post, answer your question and contextualize the scene you selected.
Explain how your contextual analysis teaches your classmates something about this novel.

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