Cultural differences related to sexual violence

by | Jan 18, 2021 | College (3-4), Discussion Essay, Nursing

“It is important to be aware of cultural differences related to sexual violence, including rape. Cultural and social norms influence behavior, including violence. Some specific examples of culture-specific norms that affect sexual violence include:

Child maltreatment when female children are valued less in society than males (Peru)
The low status of children within the family (Guatemala)
Genital mutilation (Nigeria or Sudan)
Child marriage
Sex is a man’s right (Pakistan)
Girls are responsible for controlling a man’s sexual urges (South Africa)
Reporting youth violence of bullying is unacceptable (United Kingdom)”

2. Click the link to access the WHO country profiles for violence and injury prevention. Choose 2 countries (a developed country and a lesser developed country) and compare/contrast the policies/laws of the bulleted topics above in that are included in the profiles.

3. See the Global Status Report on Violence Prevention (WHO, 2014)

4. Locate a scholarly source to provide more information and discuss the following: No more than 5 years old.


1. Compare/contrast the most significant findings in the profiles the two countries you chose (example: elder abuse okay? If there is a law, is it being enforced? Okay to rape if you are married?)

2. The differing cultural and ethnic views on the topic or how power, authority, privilege, oppression or discrimination relates to the topic (from the scholarly source)

3. Your position about tolerance of the practice (why? Support your statement)

4. Whether or not the global community should be tolerant or intolerant of the issue

5. Properly cite your scholarly reference following APA guidelines.

6. 200-250 Words including citations.

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